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“Two years ago while living in Phoenix, Arizona, I met Deborah Hansen Linzer through a favorite aunt of mine. Kathryn took me to a lecture given by Deborah…telling us about her book Cameo Life Stories Writing Guide for Everywoman: Penning Your Portrait in Words.”


I joined eight other women and began writing and answering the ninety-some questions on my life. The process was very rewarding and will never be forgotten. It took me two years to write this life story down. It now has been printed and is ready to be given as a gift to my daughter Brigit. I highly recommend that you read this book and do it.”


Judy Joyce

Pikesville, Maryland


“Deborah urges us to write our life stories because ‘everywoman makes history, no matter who she is or what she does.’ This is important enough, and as the central message of the book, is repeated clearly, often, and compellingly throughout. But Deborah does more. She also helps us to see that when we write our stories, we are contributing to the new and expanding scholarship in women’s history.


The idea of archiving is a valuable one and reinforces Deborah’s most important message: that women’s stories are not just our own personal affair, they illuminate our contribution to our families and our communities, and hence belong not just to us, but to the world. They must be shared….It’s a tall order. But Deborah’s book gives us a useful road map.”


Susan Wittig Albert

Founding President, The Story Circle Network


“As I lecture across the country, I find women are hungry for their history. The Cameo Life Stories project presents a unique opportunity to both make and preserve women’s history and will provide a treasure trove of primary materials for research and analysis of women’s lives.”


Edith Mayo

Curator Emeritus, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution


“American culture and society owe a tremendous debt to the under-recognized contributions of women. The thoughtfulness, initiative and drive of individuals who will rarely receive public acknowledgment need to be recorded now for posterity. The Cameo Life Stories program can substantially impact this national priority.”


Molly MacGregor

Executive Director, National Women’s History Project


“Throughout history, the achievements of remarkable women--great and small--have paved the way for the progress we have made. Their stories provided us with strength and hope when we needed it most. Through the Cameo Life Stories program, women’s stories will continue to inspire us as well as generations to come.”


Carolyn Jefferson-Jenkins, Ph.D.

Past President, League of Women Voters of the U.S.


"Deb Hansen's Cameo Life Stories book and questionnaire make working on your life story easy and fun, and provide the inspiration to begin. Our  group of women has found the writing and sharing to be very rewarding, knitting us into a close group in a very short time. I highly recommend it!


Pam Olson

Green Valley, Arizona

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